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Whether you have brand new construction that needs interior paint or you’re just seeking to brighten or freshen up your interior walls, hiring an interior painting service is a simple and effective way to get the painting job done. With our services we provide you with precise services that will leave your home looking perfect.

As you consider hiring a painting company, the process of choosing the right one might seem a little overwhelming. But by knowing what to expect from a professional painter, you will be in an excellent position to ensure that the painting performed in your home meets your high standards. There are many companies that are claiming to be professionals that had just started painting with no prior experience. Our team has experts with years of painting experience. We have professional painting experts that know their job and do it right the first time.

We know that selecting the right color can often be tricky and difficult. This is why we are here to help. We have experts in color consultation that are always happy to help you to choose the right color. We are happy to provide free samples of painting on a larger surface to help you choose. Regardless if it is the entire home, or simply a spare bedroom, our professional interior painters can help you to make the right choice.

One of the most important parts of our job as a Residential Painting contractor is preparing the surface for paint. Without performing a few critical steps, your home could be left with splatters and stains, uneven edges and paint that won’t last. Properly preparing a room for painting allows for easy cleanup and a more professional look in the end. If the steps aren’t followed properly, mishaps will occur. With many years of experience and the right training, our professional interior painters have learned that the key to a successful painting is preparation. Here is how our process works.

Draping and removing items:

Your belongings need to be protected. If there is space, we often remove many items from the room to prevent staining and give us space to work. Anything that must remain in the area will be draped entirely.

Cleaning the surface:

Over the years your home will accumulate dirt and grime on the walls, particularly behind furniture that doesn’t get moved very often. Even in new home construction, a great deal of dust can remain on all of the surfaces from the building process. Without a thorough cleaning, the paint will not adhere appropriately and the lifespan will be dramatically shortened. We carefully clean any surface that will be painted and remove chipping or peeling paint.

Smoothing the surface:

In most newly renovated or built homes, the walls should be in perfect condition, except for perhaps some construction dust. But homes been lived in will likely have nail holes from holding artwork or curtains. We fill and smooth an holes or dents to level the surface

Taping the edges:

No matter how steady the hand, no one can paint efficiently without taping edges. We carefully line windows, baseboards, doors and ceiling to give the room crisp edges in a short amount of time


Once our prep work is done, we can begin to actually paint. Using your carefully chosen colors, we will paint the room, trim and even the ceiling if desired. As a painting contractor, we feel it is important to come equipped with wide variety of brushes and rollers. This allows us to tackle any sized space and any awkward angles. Your results will be streak-free and perfect.

We guarantee high quality, professional work, with crisp and clean lines. We spot, prime and fix blemishes before proceeding with the final coat to make sure you have a flawless paint job.

Our Interior Painting service includes:

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Entry Doors & Thresholds
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Plantation Shutters
  • Mantels
  • Wooden Handrails
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Baseboards, Crowns and other Trim Moldings.
  • Entertainment Units.

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